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The Cartographer

by The Republic Of Wolves

Home 02:59
Home I never really thought that you could be the one to change I can't understand, did I fail or did you? But if everything they said is true, You're a fraction of a nickel's worth In a golden field. And I don't really mind if you're not my friend It doesn't make a difference because all I am A lonely floating weed, is all. So I'll stay with you in my mind And I won't let myself believe you're mine, Because; I never ever thought that it would get as hard as this My whole family the side of the antagonist And all the people I thought I could trust Have just let me down So don't waste your life at home, Go and get hurt on your own. I never really thought about my life until I died I can't understand why my sister didn't even try to understand me But if everything they said is true You mean less to me than a tiny grain of salt And I don't really mind if you're not my blood It doesn't make a difference, no matter what A fleeing bird is all I was.
Calm Down 03:57
Calm Down My father told me son, A good man is strong enough to run. He was a wooden row, As silent as a scarecrow He was. With time we grew apart He spent his life making maps and disappearing. Calm down I know it's late, I'll be back in a couple days Read this letter if my trip's delayed Then just go on with your life. It read we are, we are all lost. Days passed without a sign I found a bottle with a map inside And followed it far off the breakers. I sat there and watched the gulls Fall into the salt below I never thought so much about leaving. Sorry but I've got to go Told my mother I'd come back home Once I found a reason. Calm down I know it's late, I'll be back in a couple days Read this letter if my trip's delayed Then just go on with your life.
Widow's Walk 04:28
Widow's Walk Dead weight under my feet Peeling up my honesty Somehow I forgot what it was worth but I'll follow his notes to the edges of the earth. Creatures of the deep Keeper of my memories I've come to take them back from which they came, A man who disappeared and left me with his name And unless you're honestly coming back home, I wish you the worst sea sickness I hope you can feel it up inside your head and down in your stomach Remember to breathe when under the water Then you can open up your mouth and sink to the bottom of the earth And we'll raise our limbs like lifeless tools The reaching hands of your pride are twisting up your insides, But before you anchor your line just give me some time. And I will be with you until time is no more. You can't stop me now, I'm a fickle raging bull In a red caped calming crowd You can't stop me now My devil's claw is hooked and the rode I raised will send me to my grave. Hey boy, Don't let go You're gonna find what you're looking for Even if that means this whole damn sea will be turned upside down. Hey boy, Don't let go Keep your hands on that dirty rope And an eye on things 'cause the sun's setting and the winds are picking up. Hey boy, Don't let go To the hand of your father's ghost Because up 'til now You believed you were talking to yourself Hey boy, Don't you know that you could never come back home? And you will die here all alone.
India 03:50
India "Close" is a dangerous word, it has preyed on me for years Getting heavier every time it falls short But I still pace, though I can't recall why I lionized him All that has come to fall has drawn up doubt in my mind Am I just filling up your urn? Faith is a fairer friend when your debts are all paid. You should've wrote that down But you were busy screaming, "I don't belong here, anyway." I can't see past all my words that collect and cloud and swerve Between you and me "I'm not the only one here."
Mirage 04:02
Mirage I once met a man With spotted skin and leopard hands He said you were not far from here. The edges were close, I saw the wake a golden coast And then I saw your sails just floating on the surface Now it's hard to believe That someone can leave And then suddenly reappear A mirage of your trust, imagined and lost Of a ghost who's been standing right here Well I fought through the ice, But fell to needled skinny flies They sucked out my blood And replaced it with black water! The closer I get to boiling over My skin's crawling off of my bones Now it's hard to believe That someone can leave And then suddenly reappear A mache of your trust, folded and cut, Into a mask that I've got to wear. I was cold, dripping wet, (it was worth it for you) I was so out of breath (it was worth it for you) Now I'm practically dead (and it was all for you) All the wars that you set, it was worth it for you All the lives that I left, it was worth it for you Now I'm practically dead, and it was all for you.
The Dead Men Stood Together They kept their heads in books to drown it out The clinking glasses of an inlet's open mouth The straits were shaking us in circles now I faked a faster death but knew that time was headed south Through all my thinning paint regret We were metallic green and red I was a compass drawing lines around that point, but never getting closer. I paid my debts to men in swirling crypts Who swore they'd keep our names alive in manuscripts I kept my sins in tow but you'd let go That's why you moved a little faster. We were all just floating dead, Drowning in our sunken heads Let hell on board this broken deck, and we'll forget our lies. And all he knew, he had to leave A shell of skin beneath the sea The only thing he got to see That dead men stand together We are all lost.


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All Songs Written & Produced by The Republic Of Wolves
Mixed & Mastered by Gregg Andrew
Cover Art by Gregg Andrew


released January 1, 2011

The Republic Of Wolves is:
Mason Maggio
Billy Duprey
Christian Van Deurs
Gregg Andrew Dellarocca
Chris Wall


all rights reserved



The Republic Of Wolves New York, New York


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